We are proud of our products.

We care.

Joutsen Finland Oy is at the beginning of our work in responsibility. However, many things have been done right during our more than 85 years of history. For that, we can thank the founder of the family business, Marius Pedersen who once defined Joutsen Finland as:

The goal is to manufacture high-quality products, that create a great mood for their users – in a working community with a good spirit.

That thought has driven all of our choices. It guides us to genuinely care about the customer, the well-being of animals, our associates, employees, the community, and the environment. The world has changed in many ways; our work has expanded over the years and our activity is much larger than in the beginning.

Our goal to this day is to listen to the customer and manufacture long-lasting and high-quality Joutsen products that are easy to maintain. The carbon footprint of our products is small because our products are so long-lasting.

It is important for a small family business to find out the parts that are most meaningful. We focus our resources on the things that we can improve and decisions that have the biggest impact.