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Driving a responsible business is a vital part of the Joutsen brand. We want to make good products that we are proud of, in a company with a good team spirit. Our production process and policies have been fine-tuned for the production of high-quality products.

Quality consists of many things: good raw materials, the high expertise of the staff, efficient and modern technology, and the high ethics within the company. All of our operations at Joutsen are based on integrity and a caring approach. Responsibility in sourcing raw materials ensures that our quality promise is realised on the product level. For Joutsen, ensuring animal rights in all parts of the production chain is a vital part of responsibility.

The down used in Joutsen products is a by-product of meat production. We never use down or feathers plucked from living birds. The down is acquired directly from mainly Spanish and French meat processors who buy the birds from their local partner farms. We never buy from anyone we do not know. We personally visit the facilities of the meat processors with whom we trade. We also visit the farms where the birds are grown.

The down is selected for purchase based on samples. We can instantly tell from the feather how the bird has been fed and cared for. The high quality down we use can only be harvested from birds that have been treated well. The origin of the down purchased can be traced based on the batch number.

Even though the down is pre-washed when it arrives at Joutsen, we wash it at our factory one more time. This two-stage treatment makes the process about one third more expensive than those of our competitors, but it also ensures the absolute purity of our down. As a testament to this, Joutsen is the only operator in the industry to have been granted the ‘allergy label’, awarded by the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation.

The Finnish textile manufacturing industry has been on the decline, but in 2015, Joutsen Finland built a new bedding factory in Riihimäki, where truly domestic products are now being produced. Down coats are manufactured by our professionals in our modern factory in Estonia. When necessary, we use subcontractors in China for sewing. The family-owned factories of our subcontractors are always inspected on site to ensure the quality of both the work and the working conditions. Our need for the subcontracted work is determined by the required capacity. The products are pre-examined during personal visits to the production facilities prior to sending them to Finland, where the coats are then finished and packed.

The fabrics used in Joutsen down coats and duvets are acquired from manufacturers well known in the industry, specialising in high quality products. We repair and wash all Joutsen products in our factory for a small fee, regardless of when the product was purchased.

In accordance with our sustainability work we no longer produce coats with fur trims. Although previous models with fur trims may still be present in our sales channels.

Responsibility and ethical values are increasingly important to our clients. We at Joutsen aim to develop our operations responsibly now and in future.

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