Super Cool Duvets

Experience luxurious comfort in the summer with our super-cool down duvets. Made in Finland, these duvets are unbelievably light. Get yours now!

2 products
2 products
Syli-Set of Super Cool Down Duvets - Joutsen - white

Syli Set of Super Cool Down Duvets

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Syli - Down Duvet Super Cool - Joutsen - white

Syli Down Duvet Super Cool

2 reviews
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You can enjoy the luxury of down duvets even in the summer. These super-cool down duvets are made in Finland and they are incredibly light. Super-cool duvets are suitable for those who are especially warm-blooded and sweat easily, and for those who sleep in a warm bedroom. When you are under the duvet, you get to experience the pleasant fluffy lightness that comes from the perfect amount of responsibly produced down. As a sign of cleanness and safety, the down blankets and pillows in our selection have been awarded the allergy label by the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation.