How to choose a down pillow?

Select the correct pillow to match your sleeping habits

Which sleeping position allows you to sleep the most deeply?

How high is the pillow you fall asleep on the easiest?

How soft of a pillow do you want under your head?

Whatever position you sleep in, the most important thing is that you sleep peacefully. To make pillow selection easier, there are recommendations available for various sleeping styles:

ON YOUR BACK: low (soft or firm), medium-high (soft or medium soft) or high, if you sometimes also keep your shoulders on the pillow.

ON YOUR SIDE: a suitably supporting pillow to fill the space left by the neck-shoulder line. This will keep your cervical spine straight which will prevent tension in the neck. The pillow needed for this purpose also depends on the width of your shoulders. Often a medium-high pillow (soft or firm) is suited for a person with narrower shoulders, and a high pillow (medium soft or firm) suits a person with wider shoulders.

ON YOUR STOMACH: the recommended pillow is low and/or soft so that the neck is not under stress.

 The TRIPLUS pillows are perfect for those seeking a more supporting pillow due to the pillow’s three-layer structure. The core section of the pillows is filled with small feathers which provide support, and the outer layers consist of the softest down so that the feel of the pillow is always downy soft.

 A low-profile, soft pillow is primarily recommended for children.