Care, Washing and Circular Economy

Joutsen down products are designed to be long-lasting and washable. Taking good care promotes the lifetime of the products. We want to guide and help our customers to take good care of the products.

The customer always gets care instructions when buying our products from Joutsen-shop or online store. Joutsen down products can be washed
at home.

Long-lasting products are possible to fix. The longer the product is used, the smaller its carbon footprint is.

In collaboration with Oikiat Desing, we have developed a self-adhesive fabric patch to fix small holes easily.

Joutsen Finland Oy offers recycling services for old Joutsen down products. Our Factory Shop has hosted a second-hand event, where old Joutsen down coats were fixed, washed, and sold for a small compensation.

We are also trying to find a way to take advantage of recycled down.

Joutsen down coats are popular items in second-hand shops.