How to choose a down duvet?

Guide to selecting the perfect duvet for your needs

When it comes to choosing the right duvet, considering your personal preferences and requirements is crucial. Here are some factors to help you make an informed decision:
Sleep Temperature: Consider whether you prefer a warm or cool environment when falling asleep. This will determine the level of insulation you need from your duvet.
Whatever duvet type you select for yourself, you can be sure that from the very first time you use it, you will notice the difference in comparison to an ordinary duvet. You will experience how the light down duvet feels wonderfully and naturally warm, and you can feel like you are cuddling into a safe little nest. After experiencing this, you will not want to use any other type of duvet.
At its best, a down duvet can be marvelously warm in winter and conveniently even in temperature during summer. A warm down duvet is a good choice also in terms of energy consumption since the bedroom can be comfortable at a lower temperature, thanks to the duvet's natural warmth.

Super cool and Cool duvets

Super Cool: If you enjoy sleeping in cool conditions, the
super cool duvet is the lightest down option available, offering optimal comfort in such environments. Super cool duvet is a great choice for summer use. You can find super cool duvets in multiple different sizes from our Syli collection.


Cool: Option for the cool duvet if your body tends to generate a lot of warmth or if you need a duvet for summer use. It provides adequate breathability to keep you comfortable. Cool duvets are available in out Syli and Jalo collections.

Medium-warm down duvets

Medium-Warm: The medium-warm duvet is a versatile choice suitable for year-round use. Medium-warm duvets are the most popular; delightfully voluminous, fluffy, and as light as a dream. 

Made in Finland, our medium-warm down duvets promise a restful and cozy night's sleep. It's a great option for first-time down duvet buyers or as a gift when you're unsure about the recipient's needs. It also works well for boating or caravanning purposes.

Medium-warm down duvets are available in Syli and Jalo collections. Syli collection has a wide range of different sizes.

Warm and Super warm down duvets

Warm: If you're someone who often feels cold while sleeping and craves a luxurious and voluminous experience, the warm down duvet is perfect for you. It provides exceptional comfort while keeping you cozy throughout the night. Additionally, it can double as a decorative bedspread, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom.
Warm down duvets are available in Syli and Jalo collections.

Super Warm: For those in pursuit of maximum volume and unparalleled warmth, the super warm duvet is the ultimate choice. It's designed to offer an extra layer of insulation, making it ideal for individuals who find other duvets insufficiently warm. It's especially beneficial for older individuals who are more susceptible to feeling cold or for those who require additional warmth due to illness or specific health conditions. With the super warm duvet, you can rest assured knowing that you'll be enveloped in comforting warmth throughout the night.
You can find super warm down duvets from our Syli collection.

Which collection?

The down duvets and pillows in the Syli collection contain 90% down and 10% small feathers. This is our most popular down filling and it
can be called full down. The breathable fabrics of the Syli products are guaranteed to be tested over years of use, so this collection is a safe choice
and a long-term investment in good sleep and well-being. Syli collection also has a wide range of different duvet sizes.

The Jalo down duvets have an extra pinch of luxuriousness as the filling is nearly 100% goose down and the fabrics are the finest cotton
batiste. Together with the classic soft Jalo down pillows, this collection is the choice for those seeking extra comfort.