Joutsen was born in a sauna,

like many Finns in the past, and our best ideas still today.


Joutsen was born in a sauna

Marius Pedersen was watching her wife Saima wash feathers in sauna. That was the moment when Marius got the business idea of the industrial washing process.
Soon a small hobby became a business that employed the whole family.

The symbol of the company became a swan, which represents the pureness and pride of northern nature. Became the name Suomen Höyhen.

The work expanded soon from refining down to manufacturing down pillows and duvets.


The company moved from Helsinki to Riihimäki. At 2005 the name of the company was changed to Joutsen Finland Oy, because the word höyhen was extremely hard to
pronounce for foreign customers.

New modern premises for bedding production and logistics were built in the same location in 2015.


First coats for an arctic expedition

The first Finnish arctic expedition made a skiing migration through Greenland in 1966. Joutsen manufactured warm down coats for five brave men. That was the moment when the manufacturing on Joutsen down coats started.

Joutsen Finland Oy is still the northernmost producer for down coats and we are aware of the challenging conditions.

21st century

Mount climber Veikka Gustafsson tested our down 
products in tough conditions. He climbed to Mount Everest wearing a tailored Joutsen down outfit. He also slept in a sleeping bag made by Joutsen.

Super popular Joutsen sleeping bags were
in our collection for over fifty years but have been withdrawn from sale nowadays.
Sleeping bags are still used by customers. By taking good care of products, they are long-lasting.

Finnish sailor Tapio Lehtinen has
traveled twice across the world with a Joutsen sleeping bag.

Joutsen today

Marius and Saima said that ”The goal is to manufacture high-quality products, that
create a great mood for their users – in a working community with a good spirit.”

The same idea still applies.

At Joutsen, everything is based on honesty and caring, which is reflected in all of our activities and encounters. Marius and Saima were the great-grandparents of
the current CEO, Matias Kotkasaari. The family business continues its story with good spirit now already in the fourth generation.

the most important Joutsen stories are told by good night wishes, they are born on trips in nature and every moment when a down product brings comfort to its user.