Responsible Down Standard


RDS has been developed in collaboration with farmers, animal well-being experts, land conservation specialists, brands and retailers. The goal is to ensure that down and feathers come from animals that have been treated well. Humane treatment and respect for animals extend from hatching to butchery. RDS prohibits the plucking of down and feathers from live birds and force-feeding.

RDS certificate makes sure that every patch can be tracked
down from breeding the birds to down deliveries arriving at the factory. Independent third-party audits the entire process.


DUNTRACK Navarpluma offers a precise scientific system for tracing the origin of the down. The entire journey can be certified. The audits are reviewed periodically by a third party (IDFL).


OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 label is a guarantee that the product
has been tested for harmful substances and that the product is safe to use.
Every part of the OEKO-TEX® labeled product must fulfill strict standards.


Tests are performed by neutral and independent OEKO-TEX®
testing faculties based on strict criteria. The testing is based on regulated
and non-regulated substances that can be harmful to human health. The strict
test criteria are globally standardized and updated at least once a year.

Design From Finland

Joutsen's light gown coats and down coats have been awarded by the Design From Finland mark. The Design from Finland label indicates that the product or service has been designed in Finland professionally and responsibly.
The headquarters of Design From Finland locates in Finland.


Design From Finland label is granted for three years at a
time. The information required for the right to use the brand is checked annually by the companies.


The DOWNPASS label guarantees the high quality of the product and makes sure that the down filling is ethically produced and from traceable supply chains. The quality of all products is supervised by a third party.

Ethical breeding is monitored by on-site inspections.
Inspectors from third-party organizations monitor conditions of animals several times a year with agreed and unannounced inspections. DOWNPASS prohibits the
plucking of down and feathers from live birds and forced feeding.

In addition to animal welfare, the quality of down products
is also monitored in the testing laboratory.

The DOWNPASS certificate is valid for 2 years. Every single
down product that has been audited to the DOWNPASS standard can be traced using a tracking number.


Bluesign® is a certification organization that ensures that only safe chemicals are used throughout the entire supply chain. bluesign® is based on a chemical inventory and management base of knowledge from more than 20
years. Bluesign® SYSTEM guarantees the safe use of textiles and products by removing dangerous chemicals before they enter the supply chain.

Bluesign® professionals help partners control the use of
chemicals and provide reliable transparency for both producers and customers. Bluesign® aims to correct or minimize negative effects and increase positive effects on
the environment, economy and society throughout the entire life cycle of a chemical product. Sustainable chemicals should be designed for a circular
economy, increase resource efficiency and promote the products to last longer while avoiding harm to human health and the environment.


Nomite label tells that the product suits people with dust
mite allergies. The compact fabric used in down products prevents dust mites from going through the fabric.

The NOMITE label guarantees that even those suffering from dust allergies or asthma can enjoy the natural comfort offered by down products.

Breathable down products reduce humidity, so they provide a very bad environment for dust mites, which need high humidity to live. This has been proven by scientific research.


Downafresh® makes sure that down and feathers used in Joutsen bedding is thoroughly washed and dried at least 100 °C. Downafresh® label indicates that the brand meets the hygiene requirements of the European EN 12935 standard.

EN 12935 regulates the hygiene and cleanliness requirements for feathers and down.

Before granting the Downafresh label, the down filling is
checked in the hygiene laboratory. Companies must have documents of down’s origin and processing.

A trackable documentary system proves that the down filling has been produced respecting animal welfare laws. Feathers and down are natural
products that do not contain naturally harmful substances. At the end of the product's life cycle, the filling material can be composted.

The Key Flag

All Joutsen down bedding has been awarded the Key Flag symbol.

”The Key Flag Symbol (Avainlippu) can be awarded to a
product manufactured or a service produced in Finland. The domestic content of a product or service must be at least 50 percent. The average domestic content of Key Flag Symbol products is more than 80 percent.

Domestic content refers to the proportion of the Finnish
cost of the break-event cost of a product or service. The calculation takes into account all production costs of the product or service.

In the case of service providers, companies must also have
significant domestic ownership, and the management and the company’s head office must be located in Finland.

The right to use Key Flag Symbol is awarded by The Key Flag Symbol Committee upon application for a term of three years.”