Down Slippers - Joutsen - Blue
Down Slippers
55 €

Down Slippers

55 €

These night blue unisex down slippers are the right choice for a person with cold feet. They are designed to keep your feet warm when you are sitting on the sofa watching your favourite TV – show while enjoying a hot drink. Get a warm pair of down slippers for the whole family or buy them as a perfect gift for your loved ones!

Designed for indoor use.

Three sizes: S-size approx. shoe size 35-38 (sole length 24 cm), M-size approx. 39-42 (sole length 27 cm) and L-size approx. 43-46 (sole length 29,5 cm)
Filling: 75% white duck down and 25% small feathers
Fabric: 100% cotton
Sole: 100% polyester
Colour: dark blue
Product code: 8-111-0000

Washing instructions coats

  • Before washing, close the zips and protect the zip pullers and any fasteners.
  • Close the press studs and remove any decorations.
  • Turn the coat inside out with the lining facing out.
  • Wet the product through before washing.
  • Select a gentle washing cycle at 30 °C.
  • Use Joutsen down shampoo or another mild detergent with no bleaching agents.
  • Approximately 1/3 of the normal detergent dose is sufficient.
  • Rinse with ample water.
  • Select a spin cycle that is as long and efficient as possible.
  • If the washing instructions allow, dry the product in a tumble dryer at a low temperature, or in an airy ventilated space, fluffing the product occasionally.
  • Overdrying in the tumble dryer may cause the product to shrink and wrinkle.

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