Choose the perfect down pillow for your needs

Which pillow should you choose to align with your sleep habits?

What pillow height offers you the most comfortable slumber?

How plush should your pillow feel beneath your head?

Back sleepers: Opt for a low-profile pillow (soft or firm), medium-high (soft or medium-soft), or a higher option if you occasionally rest your shoulders on the pillow.

Side Sleepers: Choose a pillow that provides appropriate
support to fill the void left by the neck-shoulder alignment. This preserves the natural curvature of your cervical spine, minimizing neck strain. The ideal pillow for this purpose also takes into account your shoulder width. Often, individuals with narrower shoulders find comfort in a medium-high pillow (soft or firm), while those with broader shoulders benefit from a high pillow (medium-soft or firm).

Stomach Sleepers: The recommended pillow type is low-profile and/or soft to alleviate strain on the neck.

Triplus Down Pillows

The TRIPLUS pillow collection serves as an excellent choice
for individuals seeking enhanced support, courtesy of the innovative three-layer design. The core of these pillows is filled with small feathers for bolstering support, encased by outer layers of the softest down for an invariably plush feel.

For younger users, especially children, a low-profile and soft pillow is the recommended choice to ensure their comfort and well-being.

For environmentally-conscious consumers, it's noteworthy that our pillows are meticulously crafted from enduring natural materials, and the down used in our products is certified to meet stringent ethical standards. Moreover, these responsibly sourced and certified materials are central to our commitment to sustainability, reflecting the durability and long-lasting nature
of our products.

In the spirit of ethical consideration, our products are crafted from natural materials. Additionally, the durability of our pillows aligns with responsible consumption.

When it comes to maintenance, washing these pillows at 60°C ensures both hygiene and a prolonged lifespan. This temperature strikes a balance between effective cleaning and safeguarding the integrity of the materials.

Delivering warmth & craftsmanship since 1936

Experience the legacy of Scandinavian excellence! Our impeccably clean and ethically sourced Joutsen-down products aren't just items, they're sustainable investments for your well-being. Join us in celebrating the purest form of comfort with the world's cleanest down products, artfully crafted for your utmost tranquility