a lasting investment in your own comfort

Allow yourself and your loved ones some daily luxury

More and more people are realising that one of the most life-enhancing things in daily life is luxurious bedding. And no wonder, as we spend a significant part of our life in bed either sleeping, relaxing or just enjoying life.

If you want to send a message to yourself and your loved ones that now is the time to enjoy life, get an upgraded bed experience to enhance your bedroom. When you have an overall better-quality bed, you will also sleep better.

As an experience, a down duvet feels very light on you, and you will only feel the pleasant natural warmth and the enjoyable touch on your skin. And the down pillow under your head will provide a supportive and voluminous sensation of luxury.

We call this everyday luxury.

Some go to a hotel just to experience a different environment and the peace of being alone just the two of you, but the luxuriously voluminous bedding also forms part of this luxurious experience.

When you want top-quality bedroom conditions resembling a hotel room, Joutsen is your best choice. Even just for the reason that, for example, Radisson and Solo Sokos hotels rely on Joutsen bedding.

A down duvet will make your daily life luxurious for years to come, and it will pay for itself with its durability. A down pillow completes the experience, and is an even more personal investment.

Down bedding is a lasting investment in your own comfort and the appeal of your bedroom – and only tends to yield a better return over time.

When selecting a durable, wash-proof Joutsen pillow or duvet made from purified refined down, you are ensuring that you make a sustainable choice both economically as well as ecologically.