5 sensible reasons to fall in love with the Joutsen down coat



Joutsen down coats are made to last. They provably last both time and use. We have customers that have happily used their coats even for decades. Models have been designed to be timeless, made with durable materials and modelled to be functional. We proudly talk about slow-fashion, because getting a durable garment is both economic and ecological.

Recently the knowledge of the fashion industry’s devastating effects to environment has shaken people. The fast fashion stores that change their collections after every two weeks have caused a lot of stir. The clothes are produced cheap and out of poor materials. The unsold items are disposed. Also, the sold clothes are worn only for a short period of time because of their poor quality and short-lived fashion trends.

In article published in Helsingin Sanomat (19.10.2019 ) science author Rinna Saramäki reminds us, that ”Simple garment can be both good and cheap. Complicated garment like winter coat, in turn cannot be both.” Good quality and durable Joutsen down coat therefor cost more than products from some other brands.

Here is a hint! If you want to give up your Joutsen down coat one day, it has a good reselling price in second hand stores. And the coat gets a chance to continue its long life on a new happy owner.


Very often people are afraid of washing the down coat. And coats from some manufacturers can’t be washed with water at all. But the Joutsen down coat can be washed at home in a washing machine following the products washing instructions. We actually encourage our customers to wash their coats rather too often than rarely! At least once a year.

Clean down is light, airy and sweetly warm, like it should be. 


In our products we do use only down, that comes from farms which provide good, natural living conditions to the birds. The down that we use is a byproduct of meat production. The down is prewashed when it comes to our factory. Most of the down product manufacturers use this prewashed down in their products. But we have own refinery in our factory, where we remove all the dust from the down, we wash it again without any harmful chemicals and heat it to 125 degrees. That way we can make sure, that the down filling in our products is pure and dust free.


Down coat has to be warm, soft and comfortable. Very thorough and detailed modelling and sizing guarantee the functionality and fit of the down coat. That can be felt from the first try-on. Those make sure, that you are feeling comfortable in every situation and chores. The functionality of the coats is tested with sample pieces and the flaws are relentlessly worked to perfection, before the coat goes in production. Functionality will not be compromised!

By designing and modelling we are making sure, that there is evenly down filling around the coat. Hint! Put your hand on a shoulder of a coat that lies on a hanger. Do you feel a soft coat in your hand or just a hard hanger?


We choose and test the fabrics for the coats with great care. The fabric for the down coats has to be very good quality and dense. The dense fabric won’t let the down filling to flee. A couple of small fluffs might escape through the fabric. This is completely normal, but the high quality down coat should not heavily leak the down.

The fabric for the down coat has to be breathable, light and beautiful, of course!