Here are five reasons why you'll love your down duvets and pillows

1. Made with gentle care

Have you heard about belief, that you get stomach cramps if you eat food made by an angry cook? What if you see nightmares or sleep restlessly, if you sleep in beddings, that have been manufactured in poor conditions? We don’t want to take that risk! Already our founder Marius Pedersen had a basic idea was a family business with good spirit, that makes high quality down products.

Our family business has been passed on to fourth generation, but that thought still carries us. Our bedding factory and down refinery are located in Riihimäki, Finland. The products are made with love and care in a small work community, that enjoys working together. The manufacturing of down duvets and pillows is artisanal, so you can feel the craftsmanship and the pride of their work in every product.

 2. The easiness of washing

It might be a surprise for many people, that Joutsen down duvets and pillows can be washed at home in a washing machine according to products washing instructions. You can find the washing instructions for down duvets and pillows also from our website. 

It pays off to keep your down products clean, because the good qualitatives of the down: fluffiness, lightness and breathability are at its best, when the down is clean. This is one of the great features of down. It won’t deflect as a result of washing, instead it retains the fluffiness from washing to another. 

It is good for our environment, that any micro plastic won’t come off to ablution from our plastic free beddings, because micro plastics are impossible to remove from water system.

 3. No down leakage

We get a lot mixed feedback about the rustle of our down duvets. Some people might even get irritated from it, whereas to others it is a sign of quality and luxury. The rustle of the fabric is a result of calendering, in other words industrial mangling of fabric. Calendering renders the fabric dense. It makes sure, that the down filling won’t leak through the fabric.  

The other factor indicating the quality of the fabric, is the thread count of the cotton fabric. It states the amount of threads in one square inch. We only use fabrics with very high thread count. The dense thread count makes the fabric smooth, soft and durable.

4. Safe choice

In our products we do use only down, that comes from farms which provide good, natural living conditions to the birds. The down that we use is a byproduct of meat production. The down is prewashed when it comes to our factory. Most of the down product manufacturers use this prewashed down in their products. But we have own refinery in our factory, where we remove all the dust from the down, we wash it again without any harmful chemicals and heat it to 125 degrees. That way we can make sure, that the down in our products is free from dust and all sensitizing ingredients, which could cause allergic reactions. All our down duvets and pillows are granted with the ‘allergy label’ awarded by the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation.

You can safely sleep under our down duvets and lay your head on our down pillow. And also tuck you loved ones into bed.

5. Improves the quality of life

Good and adequate sleep is a vital luxury of life, because its significance to wellbeing and health is indisputable. Rest gives a chance for body and mind to recover from tiredness and strain. The sleep strengthens the immune system and prevents stress. The amount of the sleep effects also metabolism and hormonal balance. When we are sleeping the damages, especially in the important areas for the memory, are remedying and connections are strengthening. During the sleep cerebrospinal fluid flushes the brain cells in order to clean them from waste, like amyloid protein, which causes the Alzheimer disease.

You can improve your quality of life significantly – now and in future, by making your bed an inviting place for restful sleep, reading and pleasureful relaxation. When you are well rested, you are more alert, your perception and concentration is better and your mood is higher. Learning is also easier and the memory works better.