Kids Duvets and Pillows

Your little one will appreciate the comfortably warm sleep, and you yourself will also sleep better knowing that you have made a safe choice

8 products
8 products
Kids Soft and Low Down Pillow 40x50cm - Joutsen - white

Kids Soft and Low Down Pillow 40x50cm

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Baby Down Sleeping Bag - Down Duvet - Joutsen - White

Baby Down Sleeping Bag Down Duvet

Multiple sizes
4 reviews
Kuiske Down Slippers - Joutsen -
Kuiske Down Slippers - Joutsen - white

Kuiske Down Slippers

2 reviews
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Syli-Set of Soft and Low Down Pillows - Joutsen - white

Syli Set of Soft and Low Down Pillows

3 reviews
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Baby Down Pillow 30x40cm - Joutsen - white

Baby Down Pillow 30x40cm

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Baby Down Duvet 80x120cm - Joutsen - white

Baby Down Duvet 80x120cm

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Kids Medium Warm Down Duvet 120x160cm - Joutsen - white

Kids Medium Warm Down Duvet 120x160cm

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Syli-Down Pillow soft and low - Joutsen - white

Syli Down Pillow soft and low

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. Joutsen down duvets and pillows are perfect for everyone. Especially their sweet softness and warmth make them popular among small children as well. The soft down pillow can be cuddled like your favourite soft toy.

Our down products for kids includes down pillows, down duvets and a unique sleeping bag that can also be unfolded into a down blanket. All children's products are made by hand in Riihimäki, Finland and are filled with the world's purest down. The products are approved by the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Association. The allergy label is proof that the product is extremely clean and suitable for allergy sufferers.

Our down products for babies and children are designed to last a long time and for frequent use. Thanks to the high quality of the products, they can be machine washed and regain their fluffy shape after washing. Our down products for children are also popular to give away as a gift.