Are the down coats water resistant?

All our down coats are water- and wind-repellent. After washing your coat, you may need to apply a reimpregnation coating to the coat in order to maintain the water-repellent function.

How do I choose the correct size of a Joutsen down coat?

Our down coats have different fits and sizing: Straight, Relaxed and Regular fit.

Each coat has its own Size Chart, where you can find the measures in different sizing for the coats. The best way to choose the correct size, is to take help from the Size Chart. You are also always welcome to contact us for advise.

What is the difference between down and feathers?

There's a common misconception that down and feathers are the same thing. In fact, they're quite different. Feathers are the outermost layer of the bird, which most of us recognize by its appearance. The feathers protect the bird from water and wind. The down on the other hand, is the soft, warming, undercoating of the bird. Down is bushy and looks like small fluffy tufts, it weighs almost nothing. This is also the reason why our down coats are so light yet warm. All our down coats are filled with 100% down (EN12934)

Can Joutsen's down products be washed?

Yes, all our products can easily be washed in the washing machine, thanks to the high quality. Make sure to check the wash temperature and follow the product's washing instructions.

Does down cause allergies?

Carefully cleaned down does not cause allergies. Thanks to Joutsen's unique refining process, which includes double dust removal, and in addition, warm water pampers our down and perfect purity is ensured in a 125 °C thermal treatment, the down and feathers used in our products are completely clean and non-allergenic. In practice, the purity of the Joutsen down is unique as it is 100% dust-free. The down has also been meticulously cleansed of all sensitising ingredients which could cause allergic reactions.

We are the first manufacturer of down comforters and down pillows to be awarded the Finnish Asthma and Allergy label. The label granted by the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Association in Finland shows that the product is clean and suitable for allergy sufferers.

What type of down is used in Joutsen's products?

We use down from duck, goose and eider in our products. Our duck and goose down are sourced from Finland, France, Spain and Poland. Our eiderdown collected from the Finnish archipelago after the nesting season, is used only for the most luxurious bedding. All down and feathers used in our products are of the highest quality. We use only the best down types in the world.

Where does the down used in Joutsen's products come from?

All down used in our products come from selected European partner farms. The origin of the down can be verified and traced. Therefore, all the down used in our products comes from farms which provide good, natural living conditions – this is the only way to produce high-quality down.

We only use down that is the by-product of meat production. Joutsen has utmost respect for animal welfare. We have never used and will not accept plucking from living birds.