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At Joutsen.com we offer down coats and light down coats for men and women in different styles, length and sizes from XXS to XXXL in popular colors as red, blue, black, dark blue, red, green, denim, grey, brown, white, chocolate and wine. Fast deliveries world wide. A warm down coat is suitable during winter season. The 100% down filling utilizes the heat generated by the body and forms a uniquely warm, breathable and light insulation layer between the person and the prevailing weather conditions. The warmer down coats are designed for winter conditions, whether you are standing at a hockey rink or bus stop, exercising outdoors, travelling to work, or enjoying other winter activities. A light down coat is also warm but still so light you will barely feel the coat. They are all-season outerwear, lightweight, breathable and water repellent. They are practical and designed for use in spring, summer and autumn. They are easy to use and practical to take along as most coats have a special carry bag. Light down coats are suited for driving, shopping, patio life, open-air events, travelling, and for work where you are required to be exposed to the elements at times. The purity of nature and the clear variation between the seasons are the central Finnish characteristics that have functioned as the basis for the design of all our Joutsen coats. The clarity and timelessness of Scandinavian design and patterning guarantee a long life expectancy for your coat. The same classic characteristics are also taken carefully into consideration in all the choices of material. Stay stylish and choose a high quality, ethical down coat, filled with the world’s purest down.