Medium Warm Skandinavia Down Duvet 150x210cm
Medium Warm Skandinavia Down Duvet 150x210cm
275 €

Medium Warm Skandinavia Down Duvet 150x210cm

275 €
An ideal, evenly warm down duvet for those who want to enjoy the superior comfort offered by down during every season. A Finnish duvet manufactured from proven pure down.
Size: 150x210cm
Filling: 90% European white duck down and 10% small feathers
Amount of filling: 400g
Fabric: 100% cotton cambric
Colour: white
Product code: 5-940-0304


This duvet is suitably light without neglecting the fluffiness created by the 90% down filling. It functions as a natural heat regulator, so you can safely choose this medium-warm favourite duvet.

Joutsen is the only manufacturer of down duvets and pillows that has been awarded the allergy label by the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. The allergy label is a mark of reliability awarded to products that have been studied and proved safe by an independent entity.

Washing instructions

  • Wet the product through before washing.
  • Select a 60 °C washing cycle with an ample rinse and a long and efficient spin cycle.
  • Use Joutsen down shampoo or another mild detergent with no bleaching agents.
  • At most one third of the normal detergent dose is sufficient.
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • The product can be dried in a tumble dryer at a low temperature setting, or in an airy space, fluffing it intermittently by hand.
  • The drying period varies greatly, depending on the product. The drying time in a dryer is approx. 2–4 hours and when air-drying, 2–3 days.

You must also remember that a down duvet is an ecological, natural product made to last. A down duvet is an excellent investment that brings a touch of luxury to your everyday life for many years. When you buy a Joutsen duvet, you know that the product contains down feathers that have been collected as by-product material from the food industry, adhering to ethical principles.