Extra Warm Skandinavia Down Duvet 150x210cm
Extra Warm Skandinavia Down Duvet 150x210cm
385 €

Extra Warm Skandinavia Down Duvet 150x210cm

385 €
The warmest down duvet on the market will truly take away the cold! This super fluffy down duvet guarantees the sweetest dreams in pure down for cold-sensitive people.
Size: 150x210cm
Filling: 90% European white duck down and 10% small feathers
Amount of filling: 800g
Fabric: 100% cotton cambric
Colour: white
Product code: 4-980-0329


Were you starting to think that you would never find a duvet warm enough? This down duvet is so warm that you won’t feel chilly even on the coldest of winter days. Its fluffiness is also in a class of its own, and the undulating compartments filled with down feathers remind us of relaxed trips to the snowy mountains in the north. If you want to keep the cold away, do not hesitate to purchase this reliable companion to keep you warm.

Joutsen is the only manufacturer of down duvets and pillows that has been awarded the allergy label by the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. The allergy label is a mark of reliability awarded to products that have been studied and proved safe by an independent entity.


Co-operation with allergy, skin and asthma federation | Made in Finland

Washing instructions

  • Wet the product through before washing.
  • Select a 60 °C washing cycle with an ample rinse and a long and efficient spin cycle.
  • Use Joutsen down shampoo or another mild detergent with no bleaching agents.
  • At most one third of the normal detergent dose is sufficient.
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • The product can be dried in a tumble dryer at a low temperature setting, or in an airy space, fluffing it intermittently by hand.
  • The drying period varies greatly, depending on the product. The drying time in a dryer is approx. 2–4 hours and when air-drying, 2–3 days.

Did you know that a down duvet is also the most sensible choice with regard to its energy efficiency? Studies have shown that a person sleeps deepest when the room temperature is between 18–19 °C and the inhaled air is at its freshest. When you buy a warm down duvet, you can lower the bedroom temperature. Even a decrease of one degree will bring savings of 5% in the energy bill, and it is also ecologically sensible.