• Which sleeping position allows you to sleep the most deeply?
  • How high is the pillow you fall asleep on the easiest?
  • How soft of a pillow do you want under your head?

Whatever position you sleep in, the most important thing is that you sleep peacefully. To make pillow selection easier, there are recommendations available for various sleeping styles:


Low (soft or firm), medium high (soft or medium soft) or high, if you sometimes also keep your shoulders on the pillow.


A suitably supporting pillow to fill the space left by the neck-shoulder line. This will keep your cervical spine straight which will prevent tension in the neck. The pillow needed for this purpose also depends on the width of your shoulders. Often a medium-high pillow (soft or firm) is suited for a person with narrower shoulders, and a high pillow (medium soft or firm) suits a person with wider shoulders.


The recommended pillow is low and/or soft so that the neck is not under stress.

Triplus pillows

The three-compartment TRIPLUS pillows are perfect for those seeking a more supporting pillow due to the pillow’s three-layer structure. The core section of the pillows is filled with small feathers which provide support, and the outer layers consist of the softest down so that the feel of the pillow is always downy soft.

For children

A low-profile, soft pillow is primarily recommended for children.



  • Do you fall asleep best when it is warm or cool?
  • How puffy do you want your duvet to be?


is your choice if your body generates a lot of warmth, i.e. you are always feeling hot, or if you are looking for a summer duvet.


is the best choice if you are purchasing your first down duvet, use the same duvet all year round, or are buying the duvet as a gift and do not know the person’s needs, or if the duvet is intended for boating or caravaning.


is your choice, if you often feel cold when sleeping, you appreciate a little luxury, volume and comfort, or you are selecting the beautiful down for decorative purposes (in an extra large size, it is also suitable as a bed spread).


is best when you specifically want a duvet as voluminous as possible and nothing has been warm enough at nights, for older people feeling cold, or, e.g., when a person's illness requires additional warmth.

Whatever duvet type you select for yourself, you can be sure that from the very first time you use it, you will notice the difference in comparison to an ordinary duvet. You will experience how the lightness of the down duvet feels wonderfully and naturally warm, and you can feel like you are cuddling into a safe little nest. After experiencing this, you will not want to use any other type of blanket.

At its best, a down duvet can be marvelously warm in winter and conveniently even in temperature during summer. A warm down duvet is a good choice also in terms of energy consumption, since the bedroom can be comfortable at a lower temperature, thanks to the duvet's natural warmth.



Skandinavia collection

The down duvets and pillows in the Skandinavia collection contain 90% European white duck down and 10% small feathers. This is our most popular down filling and it can be called full down. The breathable fabrics of the Skandinavia products are guaranteed to be tested over years of use, so this collection is a safe choice and a long-term investment in good sleep and well-being.

Royal collection

The Royal down duvets have an extra pinch of luxuriousness as the filling is nearly 100% down and the fabrics are the finest cotton batiste. Together with the classic soft Royal down pillows, this collection is the choice for those seeking extra comfort.

Triplus pillow collection

The Triplus pillow collection includes perfect combinations of various softness and support levels. These three-compartment pillows combining European white duck down and small feathers prove that even a very soft down pillow can provide plenty of support.