AARNI DOWN COAT - Joutsen - black
199 € Regular price 399 €

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199 € Regular price 399 €

An ultralight yet soft and warm men’s down coat that feels extremely comfortable to wear. The sizeable hood and the elastic ribbing at the cuffs and drawstrings at the hem are sure to protect you from wind and frost. This coat also perfectly suited for women.
Length: 74 cm / Size L
Sizes: S–XL
Fabric: 100% polyamide
Lining: 100% polyamide
Filling: 100% down (EN12934)
Product code: 1-831-0031

  • A soft and fluffy down coat for both men and women
  • Feels unbelievably light
  • A non-detachable protective hood
  • Two-way zipper adds comfortability and daily functionality
  • Elastic bands at the cuffs and drawstrings at the hem
  • Zipped front pockets
  • A zipped breast pocket inside the coat

Washing instructions coats

  • Before washing, close the zips and protect the zip pullers and any fasteners.
  • Close the press studs and remove any decorations.
  • Turn the coat inside out with the lining facing out.
  • Wet the product through before washing.
  • Select a gentle washing cycle at 30 °C.
  • Use Joutsen down shampoo or another mild detergent with no bleaching agents.
  • Approximately 1/3 of the normal detergent dose is sufficient.
  • Rinse with ample water.
  • Select a spin cycle that is as long and efficient as possible.
  • If the washing instructions allow, dry the product in a tumble dryer at a low temperature, or in an airy ventilated space, fluffing the product occasionally.
  • Overdrying in the tumble dryer may cause the product to shrink and wrinkle.

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