Discover our wide range of down duvets and down pillows! Our down bedding contains down comforters and down pillows of the highest quality in different sizes, softness and amount of filling.

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2 products
Syli-Set of Super Cool Down Duvets - Joutsen - white

Syli Set of Super Cool Down Duvets

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Syli - Down Duvet Super Cool - Joutsen - white

Syli Down Duvet Super Cool

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The down pillows are available in the heights low, medium high and high in the dimensions 40x40cm, 50x60cm, 40x80cm, 50x70cm and 60x80cm. You can choose between soft, medium soft and firm down pillows. Our down pillows fit different sleeping positions, regardless of whether you prefer to sleep on your back, on your stomach or on your side. Down duvets are available in many different sizes and the range goes from super cool to super warm.