Sneak peek: new light down coat collection 2020

Sneak peek: new light down coat collection 2020

We will soon launch our new light down coat collection!

We are very proud and excited about the coats in the new collection. The new, enchanting colors reflect the variations of nature and seasons with a color range from faint natural colors to deep blue and energetic red. The coats come in different lengths, cuts and patterns which makes them a delight to the eyes.

The long light down coat Hanne and the shorter coat Ruut

Three different fits 

The successful duo, Finnish design sisters Hammi and Maikku Mettinen, designed the new coats in the collection which suits women of different ages and body shapes. The collection is divided into three categories based on fit:

  1. STRAIGHT fit, cut comfortably from bust to hip with modern straight silhouette. 
  2. RELAXED fit, cut loosely from bust to hip defining waist.
  3. REGULAR fit, cut comfortable from bust to hip defining waist.

The new light down coats have been carefully designed and manufactured with tested materials to last use for years to come. The functionality and good fit come from fine-tuned modelling and sizing. 

Light down coat - a perfect choice for all seasons

With today's climate, the light down coat is excellent for use all year round. In this new collection, we have developed warmer variants of light down coats which, during milder winters, keep you warm from early autumn to late spring. However, the experience of a down coat is always individual. Some may experience the thinnest light down coat too warm even during cold winters, while others always freeze no matter how warm the coat is.

Light down coats are light, repel water and wind, and practical. They are easy to use and practical to take along. Light down coats are suited for driving, shopping, patio life, open-air events, travelling, and for work where you are required to be exposed to the elements at times.

Our light down coats are classified according to warmth. The classification gives you guidance for your choice:

oo The warmest variant of light down coat, also called "mid-season coat"

o + Slightly warmer than a traditional light down coat 

o Our thinnest variant of light down coat

Trendy light down coat Hely 

Down is truly a miracle created by nature. It binds the most heat in relation to its weight and distributes the heat evenly around the whole body. Its airy structure also allows moisture to evaporate, as if it were a natural part of you.

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